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Blythe Ward brings more than 20 years of experience to her work as an expert in the art and science of building happy stepfamilies and her book, Stepping Up to a Happy Stepfamily, is the culmination of a heartfelt focus on the topic that has endured for many years. As a stepmother, therapist and researcher, Blythe has a profound understanding of the challenges stepfamilies face and she is determined to share her message of hope with people struggling with the demands of managing an “instant family.” Blythe believes that a stepfamily can be a loving, nurturing entity and the strategies she sets out in her book are focused on giving families the best possible chance of success.

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From CBC radio, book signings and guest appearances on daytime shows such as Toronto Speaks and Global News, Blythe has traveled to many places sharing her knowledge on Stepfamilies.

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Sometimes parents just need some encouragement and good practical ideas to help them manage in a stepfamily. By understanding and anticipating what you might be dealing with, you will have confidence to work through the challenges you might encounter going forward in a stepfamily.


This book was written for all the hopeful stepfamilies everywhere.


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"... a valuable and sensitive tool... inspiration for parents dealing with difficult family issues... ideas, insights will provide you with the confidence, competence and comfort needed for the journey of parenting in a stepfamily."


- Dick O'Brien, MASc Counsellor and conference speaker

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