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About the Author


Blythe Ward has taken a special interest in stepfamilies and strategies to give them the best chance of success for over 20 years. Her experience as a stepmother, therapist and researcher has motivated her to share these strategies in a straightforward and easily read book. She is confident of the stepfamily as a loving nurturing entity and is committed to that message.


Blythe has a varied background having been born in Yellowknife, NWT moving to Edmonton, Alberta as a young person. She attended the University of Alberta receiving a B.A in Psychology. Post graduation she worked as a social worker and then returned to University of British Columbia for an Education Diploma. Having moved back to Edmonton, she raised her two young boys while teaching children with special needs at Royal Alexander Hospital. She also had business experience in running a modeling agency. In 1983, she moved to Ontario and continued her work as a special needs 

education teacher.  She wanted to follow her passion to be a therapist and took night school completing her Masters of Education in Counseling Psychology at University of Toronto with which she established her own private counseling practice.


Blythe’s personal experience with stepfamily parenting came when she married a man with three young children and together they created a stepfamily of seven. It was clear that the stepfamily was a unique experience and Blythe researched extensively on writings in the field, she focused much of her counseling with step family issues. Blythe enjoys doing workshops and lectures on this subject.


Blythe is pleased to have completed this book on stepfamilies and is a strong advocate on the subject. She lives with her husband David in Oakville, Ontario and continues to enjoy her stepfamily with its next generation of new members.

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